Northern Woman

Favourite Things
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Adele Robinson, Owner of Company Haircutters, describes what makes her scissor-happy.

Motorola V Phone: I love it because it's so tiny it fits into the tiniest of bags and it's cute if you can call a mobile phone cute.

Sunglasses by LA Eyewear: I really love the shape of them as I find it had to get glasses to suit me.

Leather strap watch by GUCCI: Again I love the shape of this watch it looks like the leather wrist bands that are fashionable at the moment. I don't wear a watch or jewellery at all usually but this really appealed to me and it is not available in Europe, only America, so it's a bit different.

Milky Bar: I just love white chocolate and Milky Bar is my all-time favourite.

Papier Mache Shoe: I always buy something on holiday as a memento and I bought this on my last trip, I loe the way it has only four toes peeking through.

Imperial Leather foamburst shower gel: Luxury in a can for £2.99.
Perfume, Pure Lucid Beauty by Sarah Schwartz: I have four favourite perfumes which I chop and change depending on mood.

Bag by ISCHIKO: I love Ischiko designs in clothes and bags and this one is great because it really holds loads and can be used as a backpack or as a normal bag and it's unusual, as it's round you can fit everthing into it.