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My Kind of Things
Adele Robinson is founder of Company Haircutters in Belfast and a former hairdresser of the year. She is also organiser and regular compere for International Kick-Boxing events, along with her long term partner Billy Murray.

Today she talks about her leisure time - spending time with her boyfriend, how she loves travelling and how it is difficult to be healthy all the time.

Do you get much leisure time?
No, I don't get much leisure time but when I do , I make the most of it.

Who do you like to spend time with?
My boyfriend Billy is my favourite person to spend time with, as we rarely have the same time off together. He is very involved in International Kickboxing and it consumes a lot of his spare time.

How would you spend an ideal day off?
An ideal day off would start with getting up early and feeling great, not tired. I would catch the 9.30am to London, hit the shops for an hour and then go to lunch. More shopping in the afternoon, catch a movie because the theatres finish too late, get back to Heathrow and catch the last flight home.

What is your favourite food/restaurant?
My favourite restaurant locally? I don't have a favourite, I like to eat in different restaurants and it also depends on the mood I'm in. The restaurants I like are Deanes, Aldens, Shanks and Fontana in Holywood.

Who would you least like to spend a day with or what do you least like doing?
I least like doing bookwork and would prefer not to spend a day with someone I don't like as my spare time is precious.

If money were no object, where would you travel to?
I love travelling and if money were no problem, I would go to Aman Puri in Puket, Thailand.

Favourite TV programmes/soap operas?
I don't get to watch much television, but at the moment, I am addicted to Big Brother as they are all playing a big game and I'm curious to see who'll win.

Do you spend much time pampering yourself?
Yes-I love pampering myself. I have a facial once a fortnight and have regular back massages as my back would tend to give me trouble.

Favourite newspaper/radio programme?
I don't read daily newspapers, but I always read the Sunday papers. I put the radio on at work when we become a bit bored of our CDs - its tuned in to Cool FM.

Do you find shopping and spending money good for relaxation?
It depends on how much I spend.

How important is a healthy lifestyle to you?
It is important to me but I find it very difficult to be healthy all the time. It is difficult trying to stick to a regime when you have such a hectic schedule.

If you where stranded on a desert Island, how would you ensure you had a fun stay?
By being organised and prepared.

Where is your favourite place?
Maui, Hawaii.